Why Freedom Energy?

We are dedicated to ensuring that your solar panels remain a source of pride for you for many years. As a comprehensive solar installation company, our team comprises licensed building and electrical contractors, guaranteeing top-notch installation quality.

Montana Values & Commitment

30-Year Performance Guarantee

We believe in the integrity of our services. We understand that our customers trust us to provide them with reliable, long-lasting solutions. That’s why we proudly offer USA made solar panels with a 30-year performance guarantee. 

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Personal & Professional Growth

We’ve created an environment where our employee partners and team members thrive.
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Our Vision

To power Montana by empowering people. We do this by providing clean, affordable power to Montana families, creating life-changing career opportunities for our employee partners, and helping build a more sustainable and resilient Montana economy.

Our Mission

It is our mission to bring the cost savings and security of Solar Energy and Clean Tech to help as many as possible, while creating jobs for Montana families and a brighter more economically and environmentally sustainable future for everyone.

Our Core Values

People Before Profit

Principles, so often spoken of but so rarely acted upon, are the cornerstone of who we are. With two decades of experience we have seen the solar industry experience tremendous growth and its share of Bad Actors. We have created an environment in which we never have to put profits before people or principles. We believe this uncompromising dedication to doing the right thing for the right reasons, is the secret to our success.

Quality Workmanship

A solar installation can look really bad or REALLY GOOD! Our team takes pride in creating a stunning asset for your home. Our Solar Beauticians care about you and your home. This care extends beyond craftsmanship and through to the high quality products we choose to offer you.

American Products

Small businesses are the heartbeat of the American economy, but we believe they are more than that. American manufacturing provides so many benefits, including stable, well-paying jobs in the factory or plant and to the local community.  Whenever the option is available we use American products from American companies.