Freedom & Flexibility in Property Ownership

Freedom Energy provides solar energy systems for homeowners, business owners, and ranchers through Western Montana. Our team has helped hundreds qualify to get Solar for $0 upfront and start saving thousands of dollars.

How It Works...

Design Specialists

One of our design specialists will meet with you to understand your goals for solar.  Whether you are going solar for financial reasons, battery back up for energy security, or going off grid, we take the time to understand your needs and design the perfect system for you.

Solar design

Our team of engineers will construct a solar design tailored to your home, devise a plan for solar savings, and guide you on significantly reducing or completely eradicating your electricity bill.

Application Of Utility

Once you decide to begin your journey towards energy independence with solar energy, we will take the initiative to get approval from the utility company on your behalf. This will allow you to connect your solar array and start accumulating credits.

Solar Installation

Upon approval, our seasoned solar technicians will set up your solar system and support it with our comprehensive 25-year performance warranty.

Go Solar Today!

Discover how solar panel installation from Freedom Energy could potentially reduce your energy bills!

Solar on Your Terms

We have partnered with ClearWater Credit Union  to bring you the best solar financing option in the country.

Cash Purchase

Get an ROI that Beats the S&P 500 Plus Tax Benefits and Other Incentives.
  • Best ROI
  • 25-Year Warranty
  • Build Equity in Your Home
  • Secure Energy Furtures

Monthly Payments

Get Rid of your Utility Bills, Save Money and Get Paid to Go Solar
  • $0 Down
  • 25-Year Warranty
  • Payments Lower than Your Electric Bill
  • Earn Tax Credits and Rebates

Power Purchase Plan

Get Cheaper, Cleaner Power at a Guaranteed Lower Rate with No Money Out of Pocket.
  • $0 Out of Pocket
  • 25-Year Warranty+Insurance
  • Pay Less for Power
  • No Investment Needed


Net-metering is a special installation that allows any surplus energy generated by the member’s alternative energy system to go back into the utility electric system. This allows the member to receive “credit” for the electricity put back on the system at retail rates. The member’s meter measures the electric usage from the utility.

We commonly work with Northwestern Energy, Ravalli Electric Co-op, Missoula Electric Co-op and others.