Residential Solar Panels

Numerous homeowners are transitioning to solar energy. Thanks to net metering, and federal tax credits, the installation of solar panels is very cost-effective. 

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Work With The Best Residential Solar Installer

Annually, Freedom Energy Solar simplifies the process of solar panel installation for homeowners of all backgrounds across the United States. Is it possible that solar power could be the perfect fit for your property?

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Solar Customized To Your Needs!

Each solar system is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your property, taking into account factors like energy usage and sunlight exposure. Your dedicated solar consultant will collaborate closely with you to understand and cater to your individual needs.

Solar Made Simple

Residential Solar

From the very first consultation to the activation day, our crew of renewable energy specialists and industry veterans take care of every facet of your home solar project. We deliver pristine, eco-friendly solar energy solutions, personalized to your home’s needs in a range of tailored configurations.

Solar With Battery Storage

With a residential battery storage system, you have the ability to save surplus solar energy produced during daytime for utilization in the evenings or whenever your home requires additional power. Enhance your energy autonomy and maximize the efficiency of your solar panels with an energy storage solution.

EV Charging With Solar

Abandon fossil fuels both at home and while traveling by using solar panels and an EV charger for your existing or prospective electric vehicle. You could potentially be cruising powered by sunlight with the help of solar panels and an EV charger.

Types of Residential Solar Energy Systems

On-Grid Slar Systems

On-grid systems are connected to the local utility grid. Excess energy generated is sent back to the grid, earning you credits or compensation. These systems are ideal for areas with reliable grid access, offering cost savings while maintaining a backup power source.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

Off-grid systems function independently from the utility grid. They store excess energy in batteries for nighttime use or during outages. These systems suit remote areas without grid access, providing self-sufficiency and reliable power.

Hybrid Solar Systems

Hybrid systems combine on-grid and off-grid elements. They’re connected to the grid but also have battery storage. Excess energy is stored for later use or sent back to the grid. These versatile systems offer the benefits of both on-grid convenience and off-grid reliability.

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